Monday, October 18, 2010


-Click the above picture for a basic blog tutorials-

 U are allowed to copy my tutorial, but credit to me :)
If u have any inquiries regarding blog, try to Google it first. There are many bloggers provide tutorials. But if u still wanna refer to me, just ask me on my Formspring. I will give u the tutorial's link. TQ :) 

Tutorial Blog

1) Cara 'Center'kan Widget Pada Sidebar
2) Cara Tukar Emoticon Comel Pada ShoutMix
3) Cara Letak Iklan Nuffnang 'Large Rectangle'
4) Cara Disable Right Click
5) Cara Hide Shoutmix Chat
6) Cara Tukar Background Blog
7) Cara Letak Post Divider
8) Cara Tukar Font Pada Sidebar Dan Post Title
9) Cara Nak Private Blog HOT!
10) Cara Tukar Newer Post, Home, Older Post Dengan Image Kiut HOT!
11) Cara Pasang Cute Profile Pada Blog HOT!
12) Cara Tukar Background Old Template
13) Cara Pasang Favicon Pada Blog
14) Cara Letak Widget Formspring Dan Twitter Pada Sidebar
15) Cara Reka Banner Sendiri
16) Cara Letak Youtube As Music Player

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